I'm Maggie. I create personal development content and teach self-coaching skills.


I'm running a podcast that builds upon other people's content that is related to personal development. Kind of "reaction". Click on Podcast notes to view the links to the content that inspires me. 

You can also email me your suggestion for the next episode, simply share the link to the YouTube video you'd like me to react to. 


Just give me a reason why it's important to you, I'll create with that in mind. 



The first experimental podcast called Self Coaching Podcast was created in October 2019.


The second series called Self Coaching Backstage has started in June 2020 and carries on. 

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Episodes about...  

  • values in life, in relationships

  • meeting emotional needs

  • finding and defining identity

  • empowering beliefs

  • building self-worth, self-esteem

  • building self-coaching skills

  • friendships

  • coaching relationships

  • romantic relationships

  • relationships in the workplace

  • quality relationships in life

  • personality assessments


My Polish name is Magdalena, since 2010 I'm called Maggie. I'm Polish and British, based in London, been living in the UK for over 8 years. I certified as an executive coach in 2013 (with the Institute of Leadership and Management level 7) and coached professionally until 2018. Nowadays I teach self-coaching skills and serve as mental health and wellbeing practitioner. I'm creating personal development content for those passionate about coaching, counselling, psychology, self-discovery and alike. I help people to become their own best coaches and teach self-coahcing skills to others. 

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Maggie's Dogs is about the role of emotional security and insecurity in motivation and achievement.


I am sharing my own perspective on the hierarchy of needs and what I consider to be actual reasons versus apparent reasons for doing "good" in the world. 


The e-book offers some of my strategies for meeting the needs for emotional security that got me up from knockouts and re-ignited self-confidence. It was published in January 2020 and nobody proof-read it so if you really care about proper grammar, I would recommend you to wait for my second e-book. My good friend Sam has promised to proof-read that one.  



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