Because we are at our best when we are emotionally secure. 


I help people to address their insecurities and meet their needs for emotional security.


I do that by creating content that entertains, educates and inspires.


Feel free to reach out with your questions, feedback or ideas for the new podcast episodes: 

The first experimental podcast called Self Coaching Podcast was created in October 2019.


The second series called Self Coaching Backstage  has started in June 2020 and carries on. 




You are looking for practical ways to change your life before life changes you. You strive for becoming more, creating more, living more, loving more and having more of good stuff. You are open-minded and analytical. You are not religious, or overly woo-woo evaporating in the ether. But you are a spiritual person who believes in the goodness within you. You look for new perspectives, stimulating content, better questions to ask yourself or ways to overcome the challenge that you might be facing just now. 

Episodes about...  

  • self-confidence 

  • authenticity

  • sense of security

  • emotional needs

  • well-being

  • empowering beliefs

  • motivation

  • quality relationships

  • building self-worth

  • self-coaching

  • identity

  • values

Episodes about...  

  • meeting my security needs

  • overcoming my challenges

  • my ways out of anxiety

  • recovering my well-being

  • changing my beliefs and habits

  • my insights and breakthroughs

  • addressing my fears

In other words, I am openly using my coaching skills on myself so you can witness my process of ongoing discovery, integration and personal growth.

Most people call me Maggie. I am both Polish and British, based in London, living in the UK since 2012. I certified as executive coach in 2013 and coach professionally until 2018. My last coaching client was Adam Norris whose son, Lando, races in F1 for McLaren Team. Since then my coaching practice turned into content creation hobby. Professionally, I am working towards revolutionising education and training industry with adaptive online learning. 




Maggie's Dogs is about the role of emotional security and insecurity in motivation and achievement.


I am sharing my own perspective on hierarchy of needs and actual reasons versus apparent reasons for doing "good" and the contribution all together.


The e-book offers some of my strategies for meeting the needs for emotional security that got me up from knockouts and re-ignited self-confidence. It was published in January 2019 and nobody proof-read it so if you'd like a better grammar I would recommend waiting until the sequel! 



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