• Maggie Dobosz

From a Pile of Self-coaching Journals to a Blog

The beginning of self-reflection in writing

I was 12 when my head was overloaded with thoughts, ideas and unprocessed feelings. I needed the space to download all of that and find some peace. I believe that the paper pages handled it all quite well. Never published, waited in my old room in my parents house for many years. The picture shows about 2/3 of all the self-reflective journals, the remaining part is with me in London. I've been living in the UK since mid 2012.

Paper aside. It's good to use a notebook while in the bus across London but my drive, or rather "Drive" (he already gets a persona), that wakes me up early in the morning (I'm talking about a strong pull for creation, not an actual person!), suggested that a blog would be a better format. Shareable, criticism-defenceless, podcast-inspiring.

With no end

I guess every blog should have a standard way of ending, or some phrase like "live, love, matter" or something... but I haven't figured out my own way of ending the posts just yet.